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  • Give you the belief to confirm a decision or the courage to challenge one!
  • We Quality Control all your tests to ensure you have been given a quality test.
  • Standardised, scientifically researched polygraph techniques.
  • An average decision accuracy of 89% - an accurate 'tool in the toolbox'.
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Do you suspect someone close to you of stealing? Do you need to prove to a loved one you are telling the truth?   Fill in the form above and let us help you.   Or read more information about tests for our private clients.


Cases of wrong employee or Chief Officer selection, workplace thefts or fraud can all easily be found, along with the damage caused to a business.   Positions where public trust is paramount need to manage their risk and reputation. Find out more about risk management with our UK polygraph services.


Do you and your client need extra reassurance during pre-nuptial agreements? Maybe the welfare of a child is put at risk through hidden addictions? Do allegations during divorce settlements need resolving faster?   Have you considered our polygraph services? If so fill in the form above.   Or learn more about how the polygraph can aid solicitors.

How Accurate Is It?

Where do the accuracy figures for polygraph come from? What is the decision accuracy of the polygraph? How reliable is it? What does validity mean?   Click here to find out what all this means.

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Proven Polygraph Services to Help You

Our dedicated UK polygraph examiners can help you restore belief, deal with and triumph from the issues you are facing.

Our devoted examiners can help to guide you. We will give you all the information you need, confidentially and risk free. 

Expert Polygraph Training

We are 2 of only a handful of polygraph examiners in the UK private sector to be trained in the same technique used and accredited by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

This is recognised as one of the highest standards of training in polygraph use using one of the most valid and decision accurate techniques possible.

High Decision Accuracy

We offer you an accredited, accurate polygraph service boasting some of the highest decision accuracy figures as shown by recent American Polygraph Association (APA) Meta-Analysis.

  • Average 89% decision accuracy for single issue tests.
  • Average 85% decision accuracy for multi-issue tests.

Our UK Polygraph Services

Our polygraph services use only verified and researched polygraph techniques to ensure an ironclad service.

Our most sought after polygraph services include:

  • Polygraph tests for theft – at work and at home
  • Tests for infidelity and cheating accusations
  • Polygraph tests for accusations of inappropriate behaviour

Privacy, confidentiality and the utmost discretion is our number one goal. No details will ever be passed to anyone without your permission and no one will be made aware of the results without your authorisation.

Around the UK

We will conduct polygraph tests anywhere in the UK. We will book a meeting room at a location that suits you which is included in the final cost of the polygraph test.

We would ask you to consider a meeting room or neutral office location as it provides a more constructive, impartial environment for a polygraph test with fewer distractions.

Accredited Polygraph School

We received our professional training at the New England Polygraph Institute.

This is an American Polygraph Association (APA) accredited school and is one of only three schools in the world to use the same polygraph technique as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

This technique is considered one of the best and most accurate and this type of training is usually only available to law enforcement or government personnel.

Professional Membership

We are members of the APA, British Polygraph Association (BPA)British and European Polygraph Association and British Polygraph Network.

We use the latest, most accurate and reliable polygraph testing formats along with the most advanced polygraph equipment.

What To Look For in an Examiner

When choosing an examiner, please ensure that you check all of the above:

  • Location and accreditation of their school
  • If they use verified polygraph techniques
  • Their memberships

If you need further help with any of this, read our blog: “How to Choose a Polygraph Examiner – 6 Simple Steps [INFOGRAPHIC]”.

Or contact us using the form at the top of the page.

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