Why Do We React When We Lie? Take a Cognitive Load Off


Your mind can feel empty if you start lying about something.

I bet you want to know why, when someone asks a question which you have to lie to, you can feel yourself catching your breath, can hear the tumbleweed as it goes through your head and wondering how that 5 second pause could possibly feel so long and awkward?

Maybe you’re not wondering that at all, either way it’s still interesting to learn something new today.

This reaction might be down to a load on your brain, a cognitive load.
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The Home Polygraph Test, Does it Work or Just a Money Maker?

home polygraph test machine

The home polygraph test machine

I’m going to do this blog as a bit of a product review, look for some positive and negatives in this home polygraph test, the equipment and how it is purported to be used.

There was an article on the Daily Mail that prompted me to right about this and I’m considering how in depth I want to go (and how in depth you want me to go) about lies, the ethical nature of testing for lies, who should do it, why we should try and catch out deceivers etc.

In the end a product review will probably suffice. I will throw in some science when needed but will keep it as light as possible.
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What Else Does the Polygraph Measure?

I’ve done blogs that talk about the polygraph and sweat, the polygraph and breathing, the polygraph and heart rate, but I’m sure you’re all wondering, what else does the polygraph measure?

There are a couple more bits of kit that we use as examiners to monitor your physiology (body) of an examinee when we ask the questions.

The 2 bits of equipment that I will cover in the final blog of this ‘series’ are the photoelectric plethysmograph (PLE) and the movement sensor. Tongue twisters optional.
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Does the Polygraph Measure Your Heart? Not at this Rate

Following the Christmas and New Year holiday it occurs to me that the heart is probably very busy organ over this period.

The joy of family reunions, the tension of family arguments, the excitement of presents, the food coma from eating so much, the abnormal amounts of drinking, a New Years Eve kiss, all of these things affecting your heart in someway.

Your heart is important (obviously), and there are a number of reasons why the polygraph measures your heart. Let me expand…
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Does the Polygraph Measure Breathing? Respire & Find Out

a stone with breathe written on it

Does the Polygraph Measure Breathing?

In my effort to de-mystify the polygraph, the best place to start is to talk about what it actually measures.

The polygraph is a psycho-physiological instrumentation. This means it measures physiological or bodily reactions when we think, feel or react to something that has caught the attention of our brain.

The brain side of what the polygraph measures is deep and complex, so let’s start with the simpler physiology i.e. what all the wires and tubes you’re attached to actually measure and how (and a little of the why).

Firstly, respiration.
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