Our Services

Our polygraph services, are used to offer assistance to your organisation if you wish to establish a more robust employee selection methods or discover if there has been employee indiscretions.

To individuals who are going through a difficult time of accusations and uncertainty can use our services to help resolve your issue and help you move on.

We use the latest polygraph techniques and equipment, along with psychometric assessment, interviewing and statement analysis skills.

If you know you need a to use one of our polygraph services please fill out this contact form and we will get back to you within the hour.

What We Offer

Using these techniques our polygraph services can help you if there are suspicions ranging from:

  • employee or personal theft,
  • disputes at home or at work,
  • screening in the workplace,
  • fraud or
  • proving innocence

If you have any questions relating to the polygraph and how we you can use it, please contact us.

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A summary of the services we offer through Polygraph (Lie Detector) Tests and Psychometrics: