Our polygraph business services help you to identify the very best and highest value asset for your business – your employees.

They organise, drive, promote, market, encourage and hopefully thrive in the company.

However, sometimes people aren’t who they say they are, or make personal decisions that impact your company.

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Right Employee Selection

Therefore the selection of the right employees for your business needs to be the best, particularly in those high-risk, security industries with access to sensitive information

These polygraph business services will not suit all industries or positions, but if you work in high-risk industry where poor employee selection will count against you, have you considered adding another hurdle to ensure the correct people are chosen?

The polygraph business services involve background checks, screening and criminal investiagtions:

  • checking an employees integrity – verifying statements made on CVs and in interview,
  • ensuring employee loyalty – as a routine audit tool to ensure sensitive information is not being passed to other organisations or competitors.
    • this is not a common occurrence but unfortunately does happen, and when it does the consequences will be far reaching.
  • if there is suspicion of criminal activity (internally from employees or from customers) the polygraph is used to check the truthfulness of statements made and/or the involvement of a person.

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Different Polygraph Business Services

  • Polygraph
    • As a pre-employment screening tool to double check a secure and truthful background,
      • the polygraph can help identify any historical actions that have not been discovered through standard screening techniques.
    • To find anyone suspected of theft or help them clear their name.
    • Or another method of discovering and preventing fraud in the company.
  • Psychometric testing
    • At the pre-employment screening stage to indicate whether the traits and preferences of an employee will compliment you as a business or
    • use it as an on-going audit tool to look for areas to develop.

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