Drug and Alcohol screening is a common part of an Employer’s toolbox when selecting and assessing staff, particularly in hazardous or high-risk industries.

Headline showing Paul Flower being caught for crystal meth addiciton.

Paul Flower should have been subjected to more rigorous drug and alcohol screening.

The drug and alcohol policies of many employers are becoming increasingly strict and rigorous to avoid cases such as Paul Flower at the Co-op. The public image, client and shareholder damage is disastrous.

Current or past addiction can severely disrupt workplace productivity and moral.

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How Can the Polygraph do Drug and Alcohol Screening?

Polygraph Tests are an ideal tool for drug and alcohol screening, assessing whether a potential or existing employee has a a hidden history of serious drug use that has not come to light beforehand.

We are able to test on present or past addictions to drug and alcohol. This which may help to predict future employee tendencies or potential disruptions.

Why Polygraph?

Polygraph tests are a perfect alternative or additional drug and alcohol testing technique either as part of the employment process or as a support solution if you hold suspicions of a current employees use?

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