Business Fraud Polygraph Services

Fraud is now so commonplace that only the scale of it is remarkable. Any organisation that fails to protect itself appropriately faces increased vulnerability to fraud.

Strong fraud prevention processes help increase the confidence of investors, regulators, auditors and the general public and reduce the huge financial costs and public image consequences.

The cost of fraud can be counted in terms of money, physical goods, intellectual property and reputation. Polygraph procedures and effective interviewing can be an integral part of risk control and security management.

How to Prevent Fraud

There are many different ways of investigating fraud due to the many different types of fraud e.g. online, accounting, business and increasingly computer fraud.

Our fraud polygraph services investigate fraud by examining those suspected on their involvement and knowledge.

The polygraph should be used as a support tool to assist fraud investigations and to help guide those looking for more information.

When there is a shortage of physical evidence the polygraph can be used to assess the human element inevitably behind the fraud.

If you suspect business fraud, or have been accused of fraud yourself, contact us for free, confidential advice and guidance from our expert examiners and seasoned interviewers.