Some job candidates are willing to make serious fraudulent claims in order to secure employment:

  • 70% of major employers encounter serious fraudulent claims in job applications and
  • 50% of UK employers lose money by dismissing someone for misrepresenting themselves.

Pre-Employment Screening

If you work in an industry where employees are exposed to sensitive or expensive materials, or where security is paramount, could previous deception put your company risk? Could there be other, hidden issues, that have the potential to put your company at further risk?

How would it work?

Pre-employment polygraph screening would be used to verify statements and qualifications made in a CV or during interview.

It should not replace existing pre-employment processes but be used to compliment and enhance those processes by adding another level of information gathering.

The polygraph is a very accurate add-on and when used properly will save you the money and time involved in dismissal and re-hiring processes.

The more information gathered, the more confidence in the final decision can be made.

Pre-Employment Polygraph Vetting

Employees who have access to highly sensitive information, or are responsible for secure areas need to be trusted.

Pre-employment polygraph vetting would be used to assess their integrity and reliability in keeping that information. Assessing whether they have previously divulged information, or been approached by competitors about certain aspects.

Reduce Human Resource Risk

To reduce that risk exposure Human Resource Managers might consider the use of the polygraph as an extra employment screening service.

Its use as an employee integrity test in Government agencies shows how effective and trusted it is in industries where the right people are even more essential than usual.

If you undertake pre-employment background screening, but feel you need an extra level of detail to those checks, contact us for free advice, even if you just want more information about what the polygraph can do.

Common Testing Issues

Common pre-employment questions in a polygraph screening test are:

  • A history of drug use.
  • Previous cases of excessive violence.
  • Previous employment integrity i.e. stealing or passing on sensitive or intellectual company property.

These are just a few of the main topics; however, the test can tailored to the specific needs of the client.

Please contact us if you have any questions.