UK Psychometric Tests

UK Psychometric tests are routinely used by employers to improve and enhance standard interview processes.

Different Types of Psychometric Tests

There are many different types of psychometric tests:

  • Power and Performance Measures – PPM assess a persons cognitive ability, mental capacity for problem solving, conceptual ability and reasoning skills amongst others.
  • Personality Questionnaire – We use the Identity Self Perception Questionnaire developed by Quest Partnership. This is an online psychometric test that is specialised to focus on the personality traits and characteristics of an applicant within a work environment.

The power and performance measures are routinely used at the pre-employment stage to filter large pools of applicants.

We specialise in the use of the personality questionnaire and combining that with the use of polygraph tests.

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Psychometric Tests and the Polygraph

As part of a more enhanced employee integrity screening process we use the Identity Self Perception Questionnaire as a first stage tool to give a broader understanding of an individual.

This can be used by itself to add to interview processes.

However, the use of the polygraph to assess any further areas of concern:

  • false information on CV’s
  • false statements during an interview
  • previously undisclosed acts that may harm a future employers reputation,

could be used on those employees who will undertake particularly sensitive or important responsibilities.

These processes can be used at the initial assessment stage or as an on-going audit process to ensure the integrity and behaviour of employees has not been compromised.

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What to do?

If you are taking a UK psychometric test there are many free online psychometric testing websites that allow you to practice before taking an employment related test.

However, if you are unsure, contact us today we will give you any advice you might need.