Employee Theft Investigation

Unfortunately, theft does occur at work and conducting an efficient and worthwhile employee theft investigation is vital.

Do you suspect cases of theft by an employee or employees?

If there are suspicions of theft within the workplace and you need another level of investigation, the polygraph is a very accurate and effective instrument.

Using the polygraph in an employee theft investigation can help to identify if there has been theft in the workplace and assist information gathering.

It can be used to reduce the number of those accused and increase the amount of information gathered.

The polygraph is also an excellent anti-theft tool as the accuracy and use of it can act as a deterrent to future employee theft.

The knowledge that they might have to take a polygraph will discourage most employees from making fraudulent claims and will encourage the truth to be established sooner and more cost effectively.

Have you been falsely accused of theft at work?

On the other hand, if an employer has accused you of theft at work and you need to prove yourself, the polygraph can assist in presenting your case of innocence.

With the rise in the value of retail goods stolen, and the ease of theft on the internet, as many ‘tools in the toolbox’ need to be used to to prevent and stop employee theft or theft of any nature.

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