Why the Polygraph for Drug and Alcohol Screening?

The use of the polygraph for drug and alcohol screening should be used as an complimentary tool to existing drug tests.

The polygraph specialises in detecting historic cases of drug or alcohol abuse that may not be picked up conventional drug tests.

The Alternative Screening Test

Effective and accurate drug testing and screening is widely available. These methods can now be complimented by a polygraph test.

A polygraph can be used as an effective drug and alcohol screening test for suspicions of historic drug use.

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The damaging effects of drug and alcohol use is well documented, impairing function and altering behaviour; however, equally damaging is the effect on friends and families.

If you suspect someone close to you of lying about quitting drugs or alcohol is it time to consider asking them to prove they are clean by taking a drug test?

Have they passed a normal test but you still have suspicions?

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