Child Arrangement Orders (previously known as Residence and Contact Orders until 22nd April 2014) take the view that any parent using illegal drugs or with a dependency on alcohol (see this blog from Family Law Questions) will have their contact with their child reduced or revoked.

Any person applying for Child Arrangement Orders will have their capabilities assessed in order that they meet need of the child and no harm will come to that child.

If there is a history of addiction and/or drug and alcohol abuse, it could put the child at risk. Parental substance misuse is viewed to have a profound effect on a child’s welfare and wellbeing.

Polygraph Screening for Child Arrangement Orders

Drug and alcohol testing is widely available but they can be limited by time.

If there are suspicions of historical abuse or dependency that is being covered up, a polygraph test has the ability and the accuracy to determine the truth.

We are full qualified and professional examiners and when used properly the polygraph is a valuable investigative tool.

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