Pre-Nuptial Agreement Polygraph

There is a rise in pre-nuptial agreements and in particular the infidelity clause means people are increasingly looking to protect themselves and their assets before marriage.

The surge in online/social media pre-nuptial agreements to prevent the trend known as ‘revenge porn’ is leading to couples wanting to cover every angle.

What to do?

Before signing a pre-nuptial agreement all parties need to disclose all information about their past circumstances, relationships and assets.

Using the polygraph we can ask questions about virtually any lingering doubts you may have. If your client thinks their partner has done something or has lingering doubts about any of the following:

  • Infidelity/ Cheating
  • Withholding knowledge or information about certain assets
  • Withholding information about past activities of relevance (e.g. undisclosed criminal activity)

Then we can help you.

For a pre-nuptial agreement polygraph only questions that have been discussed with the client and solicitor will be asked. For more information on what can be done, contact us now.

The knowledge that a polygraph will be used can also aid truthfulness and a more open and honest discussion between the necessary parties.

The polygraph can verify a client or their partners truthfulness regarding disclosure of necessary information.

This can give assurances to both parties involved about the past to help them commit to the future.