We understand that considering the use of a polygraph test is not one that is taken lightly.

So why use a polygraph test? Many people know that it is not admissible in court and that many peoples opinion of it is that it doesn’t work.

However, the polygraph is not something that works in every situation as some people would believe.

It is a tool that is and should only be considered in circumstances where it is most needed:

Private Polygraph tests

Business Polygraph tests

  • The polygraph can be used in a wide variety of business situations, but the key is knowing when to use it. Governments routinely use polygraph in pre-employment screening and some criminal cases, as well as in the management of high-risk convicted sex offenders so it’s use in high-risk, high security industries is recommended when an extra tool is invaluable.
  • It can be used reliably in situations of business theft, fraud at work, orĀ screening for employee drug and alcohol that may not be picked up by regular drug testing.

Polygraph Tests for Solicitors

Qualified Polygraph Examiners

When it used in the right situation, by a properly qualified examiner, the inadmissibility of the polygraph and others opinion of it do not matter.

Ensure that the examiner is qualified and registered with the APA and BPA to maintain the highest accuracy of the polygraph.

Statistics for the accuracy of the polygraph can be found in this Meta-Analysis done by the American Polygraph Association. This analysis puts the polygraph at an average of 90% decision accuracy. (Read this blog about the accuracy to see what decision accuracy means).

So Again, Why Use a Polygraph test?

The use of a Polygraph examination can be an effective tool in any investigation process and to support risk management policies.

Polygraph has been used to eliminate suspects from enquiries and corroborate testimony whether that’s in the workplace or on a personal level.

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