Regardless of size, all public or private sector organisations are exposed to risk on a daily basis. There are well-documented examples at home and abroad that highlight the consequence of organisational and HR risk management failures.

Effective risk management identifies exposure to internal and external threat in order to inform and aid prevention and protection strategies.

An individual’s behaviour and characteristics, as well as past history may expose an organisation to undue risk and heavy cost. Ignorance is no longer bliss in this litigious, media-hungry and increasingly open society.

Managing Corporate Risk

Corporate risk management strategies and policies need to be extremely rigorous and detailed, but even the best can only account for the known areas of risk.

The more solutions available to identify risk surely leads to less corporate vulnerability, particularly from those employees already within the organisation, and greater corporate risk management in general.

Effective, properly conducted and successive hurdles need to be in place, either at the pre-employment screening stage, or during company and employee audits, to identify and minimise risk.

Corporate Risk Services

  • Polygraph Testing – Used by governments, police forces and private companies around the world to identify and prevent deceptive people being in the allowed into certain organisations.
  • Psychometric Testing – Already used extensively around the world and in the UK. Can help to identify an employees strengths and weaknesses and areas for improvement. When combined with the polygraph, it can give an extremely detailed background of the person.

When to use the Polygraph?

We stress that the polygraph should only be used in the right industry or for the right situation. When this is done, an enhanced risk management identification, including for risk critical appointments and sensitive posts, can be achieved.

In the modern world, a business that can demonstrate ‘integrity’, transparency and ethical conduct can positively influence investor, shareholder and customer loyalty.

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